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Sky Residence (Macau)

Sky Residence

This 2-stories apartment with 2 balconies is located at top of the building. For the layout it has divided into 2 main spaces: public and private. The 1st floor is more public with entrance, dining/living area, kitchen, maid’s room and balconies. The 2nd floor considers as a private area with a family room and 3 bedrooms. In both floors, the full-length windows fill most of the areas feeding off the interior with natural lights, ocean view and city skyline. Next to the living room, there is the big balcony that design as a relaxing area with jacuzzi, seating area and a decorative horse facing the outstanding view. In the living area, the focal point is the red female painting on the wall, combing a great amount of flowers all over the space to enhance the feminine feeling and to layer the space.